Welcome to Jaya School of Nursing

JAYA SCHOOL OF NURSING was established in the Year-2009. The college is affiliated to KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY, Warangal and recognized by ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, New Delhi.

Within a short span of establishment, Jaya School of Nursing embarked upon its mission of preparing Nursing cadets to serve the needy. Balaji is synonymous to the star that bestows health, strength, education and immortality. It is a unique conglomeration of eminent scholars from the field of medicine and education who sport a high distant vision.

By introducing the new learning process and with the help of special lectures given by experts on various topics of nursing and health, we educate our nursing students to challenge the nursing field as worthy professionals. At Jaya School of Nursing, students are provided comprehensive education, both theoretical and practical, designed to sharpen critical thinking skills, stimulate scientific inquiry, develop effective practice and cultivate qualities of compassion and caring, fully integrating theoretical learning with clinical experiences within a caring environment.